Los Angeles: Yeah, it's a party in the USA

By Day 6 we were both extremely exhausted. Normally, we'd begin our before 9 am where we'd have breakfast provided at the lodge. It wouldn't be so bad if it had been two of us on this holiday. N did add to the exhaustion but we wouldn't have any other way.

On this day, we headed to Farmer's Market first to have brunch. We tried to look for kosher food but there were none. In the end, we had fish again.

At Farmer's Market

After having our brunch, we headed to The Grove at Farmer's Market. That place was beautiful. They had parks and trolleys to bring you from The Grove to Farmers Market. The place looked so gorgeous I wish we had one like that over here.

Cute gals took one of the flower. Wish I could do the same! Beautiful flowers isn't is? They've got so many along the streets.

N, Dora & Mama

Trolley at The Grove that brings people from The Grove to The Farmers Market. Not that it's really that far. It's a walking distance like from my place to the MRT station. It's takes me less than 5 minutes to get to Jurong Point. To get to the MRT station takes another 3 minutes.

Nice, huh?

They even have a park where people all sat down and relax. Kids ran around blowing bubbles while their parents looked on them. So relaxing.

Me buying some stuff

Had no idea that someone took a picture of me paying the cashier.

ALREADY FAT AND MAKING MYSELF FATTER me with a cup of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream in my hand.

I ordered Brownie Chocolate. A tub would cost $4.99 without tax while the cuppa cost me $3.99 without tax.

We were here when the iPad launched. I want one!

I think people who uses Apple are happier, at least I am.

My heart ached every day when I was using Microsoft. Now that I've switched to a Mac and changed my Nokia to an iPhone, my heart hasn't ached at all. The Apple never give me problems. Besides not being able to download some applications, which I can live without anyway, the Mac is perfect.

At Farmer's Market where we had our meal

Some shops at Farmer's Market

Barber Shop & Starbucks at Farmer's Market

We left Farmer's Market and began our walk down 3rd Street.

Background: There is a sign that says 3rd Street

Sigh. I think I'll go buy jogging shoes now. I've grown so fat my face's so fat and chubby. I feel extremely sad about my figure and the way I look. I've gained so much weight and it's up to me to control it.

I eat fattening things and I eat late at night. It's no one's fault but myself that I let go of myself this way. If I were to control my cravings better, I wouldn't have grown to the size of a walrus.

It annoys me that my husband tells me I look fine. Of coz, put me beside him and I look extremely petite. I walk around seeing everyone with their fine looking figure and their non-existant tummy.

Z said, and he says it all the time that I look beautiful but what's the point when I don't feel that way about myself?

I've a tummy that won't go away. My thighs are as thick as an elephant's trunk. Even my arms are bigger! My face, let's not get there coz it only makes me angry.

I met up with my relatives the other day who hasn't seen me for quite sometime and one person went, "Omg! Look at your cheeks. You've grown fat. Are you pregnant?"

Wow! So I look pregnant when I am not pregnant. Maybe that's also why I am too afraid of getting pregnant again. Coz if I were to have another child I'd be as huge as a blue whale and they're the largest animal around.

Even my MIL asked me if I was pregnant because I have a paunch. We just had supper and that is what happen each time we have a meal. My tummy grows so big I look like the time I was pregnant with N at 4 months!

*happy thoughts happy thoughts*

I hate being back here. I liked it when it was only N, Z and me.

Restaurants along the streets

This one is funny but smart. The name of the place is so catchy people would remember looking at it once.

So which one is it? Do not enter? Wrong way? Or one way?

Nice ride! The colour at least. Can spot it from a distance.

Flower along the streets

Came in Maroon and Brown. White and Purple. Blue and Dark Blue. Yellow and Blue Black. Pink and Dark Pink.

We walked and we walked and we walked until we reached Rodeo Drive.

At Rodeo Drive

Presenting Rodeo Drive

Typical L.A? With the palm tree and all.

Walking along Rodeo Drive. All the boutiques are located here. If only I brought USD 10, 000 instead.

Z took a picture of this

Ice-cream truck

We walked around Rodeo Drive and I looked at everything from outside. They're all too pricy for someone who earn zilch a month to afford. However, I did drop by Juicy Couture.

Since I bought the sandals, I thought Juicy was actually rather decent.

We walked around looking at things before I stopped by their jewelry shelf. They'd gold or silver charm bracelet starter with separate charms sold that are bright and colourful.

I wanted them coz the charm bracelet was different from the Tiffany bracelet Z had bought for me on my 17th birthday.  Their charms were all unique and colourful, which is so very me. 

No offense Tiffany, you're one of the high end accessory boutique around but your charms are awfully ugly. They're only silver and or encrusted with diamonds.

However, I knew Juicy wasn't oh-so-cheap so it was hard for me to make a decision. Z said, "If you want it, get it. Take is as a gift from me."

It a lil hard to know if Z really mean it coz sometimes he doesn't sound enthusiastic. I did have some cash left after shopping, but it wasn't enough to pay for the bracelet.

So I said to him, "Never mind, I'll pass."

I bought the Juicy Bracelet in the end. He said, "I wanted you to purchase something from Rodeo Drive." Aww. I love it so much! I got one charm bracelet starter, with three separate charms.

A rainbow charm, coz I love rainbows and colourful things!

A cupcake charm, complete with pink icing on top to signify my passion and desire to be a pastry chef one day.

A pink (obviously not real) diamond with a crown printed on it coz I am Z's lil pink princess.

Yes, I pick charms with meaning.

I am eyeing a roller balde Juicy charm online now. Coz I love to blade. I've been doing it for more than 14 years. It's longer than I know most people.

Too bad it's priced at SGD 50. A lil steep for me to afford right now. Never mind, I shall wait. If it's gone before I can get it, I shall look on the bright side. There are other charms to come.

Told her to hug it and take a picture. She did exactly as I told her to. Vain baby!

More pictures of N by herself. I came up with the idea suddenly. Her pictures are always with us, why can't it be by herself?

Stop & Pose

Little one wearing her mink jacket

Posing some more

Papa, hold my hand!

Everyone who saw her couldn't stop smiling and laughing at her. Throughout the whole time we were there, the Caucasians couldn't stop calling her a doll. Everywhere we went people would stop to take a look at her. Then they'll very kindly say, "Oh, she look like doll!"

My only assumption is that Asian kids look different to theirs. Like how we see Caucasian babies being extremely adorable but Asian ones like any other.

Nadya is a doll too.

If anyone knows Z personally, you may have seen a picture of Z seated with his team mates on that very steps. Because that steps has meaning to him, he told me to sit there as well.

N insist on going down the steps

Rodeo Drive with the sun really low

N look like she has no eyelids

The sun on my face makes me look extremely yellow

We left Rodeo Drive and headed to Santa Monica. Z said we had to go to the beach before the sun sets. Thank god we got there while the sun was about to set. It was gorgeous.

Just across the road was Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica beach with the sun extremely low


I laugh each time I see this picture. N looks like she's flying and she looks like she doesn't know what was going on. Like she's looking at me and thinking, "What in the world is that old woman doing!?"

N pointing at the bird in the sky. There were at least 20 seagulls flying around.

N kissed me in this picture.

N and I with the pier in the background.


More sunset

I like the picture where I am only a shadow.

Santa Monica pier with a carnival

We had Japanese food after that and I had to take a picture of this. I see this take out box in movies all the time. Now I see them for myself.

Santa Monica

Carnival at Santa Monica beach

We ended our night there and headed back to our lodge. Santa Monica is loacted FAR from our lodge. We had no idea what bus to take and where their bus stops are. It isn't easy to take public transport there coz there aren't many around. Each bus stop has the most of three buses stopping there.

Since we were all extremely exhausted, we decided to take a cab back to our lodge. The meter jumped by 20cents faster than the beating of heart. By the time we got to the lodge, it has gone up to $60! It wasn't even that far. It took us 15 minutes to get back.


We decided not to think about it anymore and sleep. We still had ONE MORE DAY to go before our holiday would end.

Till tomorrow, XOXO

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