Los Angeles: I hopped off the plane at LAX

So after a lot of secrecy, the secret is out. We have had this planned for months it was almost like planning our wedding. Our initial plan was to go in February but I told Zul to shift his leave to a later date, so late March it was.

We boarded SQ12 on a Monday morning at about 9 am. We sat at a bassinet seat although Nadya didn't use to bassinet at all. She preferred being carried in our arms as she slept. We had no choice but to do as she pleased.

We were seated beside a Chinese man who despite being an older man in his late 40s or early 50s acted like a child!

The crew has so much to do and he troubled them with all his wimps and fancies showing what a moron he was. The flight was full and that Chinese man insisted on being served last after everyone else have been served.

His reason?

He wanted ATTENTION.


Because we received attention. At least that's what he thought.

Did we receive extra attention?

Nope. Nadya did, not us. We were given the same food. Our food was served first because it was a Muslim meal. In case he didn't notice, they send out special meals first.

Sorry la, you wanna be special maybe ask for vegetarian food or something. Want to be even special? Shirk yourself and IQ to a child's. Children are always served first before everyone else. Nadya gets her post-weaning food way before ours always.

When the crew started with the meal service, that Chinese man told a stewardess beforehand what his choice of meal was first. However, he was to be served last after everyone else have been served.

Why did he do that?

Coz he wanted, now say it with me, ATTENTION!

Hours into the flight, Zul overheard him complaining to the crew in the galley about the extra treatment we received. What extra treatment did we get? I swear to god I don't remember being served satay.

I could smell them from the galley, but we didn't get any. I don't remember any of the crew coming up to me with fruits for me to pick.

They chatted with Zul a lot because Zul knew who they were. Plus we were nice passengers, it's only natural that they were nice to us because we didn't want to pick out on their mistakes and lack of attention when in fact, they were equally attentive to all.

In fact, the stewardess who attended to him personally maintained a genuine smile without even showing a trace of irritation towards that fussy attention seeker man.

Once the plane landed, everyone at Economy class had to wait for the passengers from First and Business class to leave. They are the priority passengers. They paid hundreds and thousands more, it only makes sense that they get to leave before people from Economy class does.

This time, it took them slightly longer to let the Economy class passengers to be able to leave because there was a wheelchair bound passenger on Business class.

When that Chinese man found out about this he said, "It's blocking MY way." Zul overheard him said that and my goodness, if only he gets wheelchair bound and people start treating him like a piece of rotten meat then he'll feel.

So inconsiderate!

If he wanted attention, pay tickets on Business or First class. There are HUNDREDS of people on Economy class, how can he expect being given a lot of attention? That's why they've very little seats on Business or First class.

If you're only willing to pay for Economy class, then accept whatever that's given to you. Don't come whining that you weren't given attention. Such a brat! Acted like a child.

After tolerating that man for 6 hours, we landed in Japan...

<span class=

Sunset in Japan

Transit in Japan for an hour. Bought green tea and wasabi kit kat. Have yet to try either. We shared a cuppa coffee.

Our plan was to spend several days in Japan to catch the cherry blossom. The day we landed was perfect because the cherry blossoms were about to, you know, blossom. However, we took 8 days off his leave and shifted it to May where we'll be going to Melbourne for a family reunion.

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Nadya doesn't like being tied down by the seat belt. So we had to show her that Barney and Iya also has a seat belt like Mama and Papa. Whatever we do or whatever we've got, she'll follow suit. It worked for a short moment enough to settle her down.

<span class=

Nadya eating our buns, as usual. When our food arrives, she'll point at our buns and go "Nak! Nak! Nak!". No choice but to sacrifice them buns.

<span class=

Fascinated during take off. She has grown up so much. She was able to appreciate (that one maybe not so much) and sit quietly while looking outside and seeing us pass by clouds and the land below move.

<span class=

You're seeing America there. That country is so big we spent half and hour flying over empty plots of land and loads of mountains.

We landed into LAX and Oh My God I was in Los Angeles y'all. It's the land of fame excess.

Stepped out of the airport and waddayaknow, lucky Zul and I didn't go to Japan, saving us thousands, because they've got cherry blossoms growing right outside the airport!

Don't believe me?

Take a look...


<span class=

Told ya! I wasn't lying. They've got cherry trees in Los Angeles. It beautiful. I cannot imagine how a whole park full of them would look like. Must be a stunning sight.

We reached the hotel at about 3 pm. Exhausted and terribly drained, I took a nice warm shower, got ready and went out to check out Los Angeles.

Zul brought along slippers he took from hotels he stays in and I wore them around the room. After stepping out of our room, I took a few steps and felt like I had no shoes on. Turns out, I'd left the room with the bedroom slippers instead of wearing my pair of flats.

<span class=

Does it look good, or what? It says, Hilton.

<span class=

We took the metro to Hollywood (as in the name of the place is Hollywood) and began my first day in Los Angeles walking down the long stretch of Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The truth is, I think this Hollywood Walk of Fame thing is overrated.

Seeing names of celebrities on cement, like what's the big deal? It's not like the actual celebrity's there. Personally, I didn't like it. That stretch of walkway is known worldwide, of coz I feel special to have been there as well, but seriously OVERRATED.

<span class=

How some of them got the celebrity status? It seems like most of them started off waitressing. Brad Pitt put on a chicken costume to promote a chicken store. Now he's a big shot, multi-millionaire man making lots of money being a professional liar.


The famous Hollywood sign. Super tiny from where I stood. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to buy a new lens (which I intend to when I've money) that's able to zoom further. Whatever you see now, that's the best I could get.



Along Hollywood. Jimmy Kimmel was on air, shooting a live talkshow when we were there.

Kodak Theater. If we'd gone several weeks earlier, I could have joined the massive crowd to catch a glimpse of the celebrities.


Grauman's Chinese Theather has nothing to do with the Chinese except for the design.


Hollywood Boulevard

By 8 pm, Zul and I were extremely exhausted we decided to head back to the lodge and sleep early. We were to start our day at 4 am the following morning and a good night rest was what we needed.

I was surprised to see the Cinnamon Melts selling at MacD because I thought they had discontinued the item. I had them when they first came out, several weeks later I found out they were gone.

So, I thought maybe I could buy the cinnamon melts and take a picture to gloat about it back home. I did. Took a picture and when I landed, the first thing we did was head down to MacD to buy something that's not fish.

First thing I saw out side of McDonalds, as big as three Nadya, was 'CINNAMON MELTS IS BACK'. -.-' Plan destroyed.

Nevermind, I can still gloat. While you guys didn't have Cinnamon Melts YET, I had them in Los Angeles. Yums.


I ended my night, almost having to force myself to finish up the cinnamon melts because I was WAY too tired to do anything at all.

Speaking of cinnamon melts, I've got some cinnamon melts waiting for me in a brown paper bag on the floor next to me waiting to make it's way to where lies gastric acid.

This is only day #1. There are 6 more days to go. Hang in there. XOXO

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