Australia: Twelve Apostles & Great Ocean Road

Now, for that long overdue post of Great Ocean Road.

Don't say I didn't remember, coz I sure did. Apple didn't let me finish, and instead of being the flawless cool and non heart breaking laptop they proclaim to be, they broke my heart and even pissed me off that it took me days to cool down. In fact, I'm no where near entirely settled with them.

So let me begin with my (as per normal) introductory speech before I begin with the pictures.

Gosh, I swear it feels so ridiculous typing something that I have typed before.

Last year, when I headed to Melbourne I had only three free days there. My BIL brought me to a few places but Great Ocean Road was the one I'd say I wanted  to go to most. I'm a sucker for great views and green ocean, so how was I not to be attracted to Great Ocean Road?

Before my flight to Melbourne this year, I Googled (what would we all do without Google?) for picture of the well-known Great Ocean Road only to find the most stunning (some heavily edited, unless it's really stunning like that) pictures of that particular famous road.

We started our day bright and early but let me tell you something that I've learnt from this trip. Our bright and early was 10+ am and by the time we reached home it was very dark already! And we didn't even make many stops.

So if you wanna drive to great ocean road, start at 7 am! Seriously. Unless you're there during summer where night doesn't fall at freaking 6 pm!

We drove past the most stunning view of the ocean I wanted to stop each time I saw access to the beach. I was imagining the pictures I could take at the beach. Stepping into that beautiful green sea, digging my feet in the sand and standing atop the black rocks scattered on the shore.

But since my BIL was driving, and he was tired, I didn't want to trouble him. It's enough trouble I've caused making him drive me there. Next time I go to Melbourne, maybe I'll ask my husband to bring me to the beach only.

It's about an hour and half drive there. It wasn't as long as the 10 hours drive back and forth (including stopping for a quick lunch) to the twelve apostles.

Anyway, I slept through 3/4 of the way because I felt so nauseous in the car, sleeping was the only way to curb the feeling of throwing up even when my tummy was completely empty.

The road had so many bends and turns my head started spinning. It's amazing how my BIL managed to go through all that bends without complaining. I would have passed out by the 10th bend.

Credits to Google 

Got that picture from Google and see all the bends that road has. AND LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS SEA!

By the time we had lunch of the most awful Fish & Chips I have tasted in my life, at a place where we had to pay $1 (each) for tartar sauce, ketchup and thai sweet chilli while everywhere else in the world that I've had Fish & Chips provides those for free, I had to force the food down my throat coz the nauseousness hasn't subsided (and the food was horribly bad).

After our meal, we actually had a discussion whether or not to continue our drive to the twelve apostles. It's unbelievable I almost gave that place a pass! That 10 hours drive was totally worth it. Of coz for a person who got to sleep almost all the way, it was worth it. :X

The moment we saw the first sight of the sea, my BIL stopped the car (to a designated spot where car can stop) for me to take a picture. MashaAllah! Beautiful I tell you. I actually had thoughts of climbing over the fence to feel the sand and ocean. And, I was wearing a maxi skirt!

BIL brought us to the lighthouse (we didn't stop because we didn't want to waste time) and we passed a house. Cute! I would love to stay there. I'd grow many lemon trees in my garden.

Sheep. My BIL told me that sheep is already a plural form. I don't know. I only know of equipment and furniture. There were a lot of different animals along the way. No piece of land is entirely empty. There are a lot of animals to see when you drive along the roads in Melbourne.

There were horses, sheep and a lot (I really do mean a lot) or cows. The one I saw most were cows. Even the standard black and white cow people draw but not everyone get to see. The ones in Malaysia are always brown, I don't know why. I was so excited to be able to see black and white cows.

Those aren't black and white cows unfortunately. Where we stopped, the cows were plain black.

Nothing in particular. Just a view of a piece of empty land.

Our stop at the cafe that sold the most awful Fish & Chips!

After a long, long drive where I slept ALL THE WAY. We reached The Twelve Apostles. Before going there, I had no idea what the twelve apostles was. DON'T JUDGE ME!

I thought it was some place where people back in the day (or perhaps it being Australia, the aboriginals) had made large statues or I thought, it being specifically twelve there were totem poles or something like Stonehenge where they offered prayers and stuff.

Like I said, DON'T JUDGE ME.

As dumb as that sounded, I swear that was what I thought. Although not exactly totem poles since that's an Indian thing but who knows, Indians and Aboriginals kinda look the same. They've this natural reddish glow on their face.

By the time we reached there, the sun was already very low making it's way to the other side of the world, preparing the arrival of our lovely moon.

A must, touristy picture, first things first. The sun can set in the blink of an eye. I purposely chose to take a picture where you can only see the silhouette of myself. 

The ocean, the waves, the sand look so inviting I just wanna jump in. Of coz with the weather being cold, no one can survive being in the water for 30 seconds.

Waves crashed against the, erm, rocks? What exactly is the thing I am standing on? Rocks? Compacted mud? They're the twelve apostles by the way. The, let's call them rocks, rocks erode after many years while some end up being smaller rocks in the middle of the sea. 

There are twelve, they said, but some are hidden so you don't see all twelve of them.

Two of the twelve apostles.

Beautiful, beautiful place.

My BIL. I'm so thankful he drove me all the way here!

My BIL said, the Australian resident of 8 years, Melbourne is all about the long drives. 10 hours from the suburbs, where my BIL lives to get to the twelve apostles. Even if I were the one to drive, I'd say every single second and all energy exerted would be worth it.

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