Australia: Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

Headed to Great Ocean Road last night and my goodness, God's creation is so beautiful no words would be able to justify just how beautiful nature, the way god had intended it to be, is.

BIL drove a total of 10 hours because I wanted to see great ocean road. How nice is that?

Well, these are the few pictures I took that day. It was unfortunate that during winter, night falls by 6pm. If we had been there during summer, we could have made stops to go to the beach, where I'd be able to take more stunning pictures.

Nevertheless, I truly appreciate my BIL's effort to drive me all the way there. Honestly, if I had to drive all 10 hours by myself, every second of it would be worth it.

Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Niagara Falls, Santa Monica Beach or even Hollywood Sign didn't take my breath away like this place did.

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