Orlando, Florida: Universal Orlando

The internet connection keeps disconnecting it's annoying. I'm trying to upload pictures and resize them but it's impossible with the internet getting disconnected every time (had to resize online because my laptop decided to ban 3rd party apps and I couldn't download the app I normally use to do a batch resize...turns out all I had to do was change the pre-set security preferences).

And so...the above paragraph was written last year. It has almost been a year since my holiday and I have yet to publish this, or even write anything about it. I'm going to have a hard time trying to recall the events that happened. Not like I scribbled anything anywhere that I can refer to, so I'm going to have to base it entirely on my poor memory.

We're in the middle of a very bad haze, thank you very much to Indonesia and their purposely done forest fire, so I'll be cooping up at home giving me plenty of time.

Now, what's different about Universal Orlando and the others that I've been to (Los Angeles and Singapore)? THIS IS WHERE THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER IS!

I remember watching about it in an episode of Ellen (wayyyyy back) when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was still new, and I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could go there one day.

I'm not a Harry Potter fan. In fact, I stopped watching after the 3rd movie because there were too many to keep up with and I haven't read the book. To say I'm a fan...nahhh. But I still wanted to be there.

To see a replica of Hogwarts. To see a replica of the Hogwarts express. To see the shops I saw in the movies. It was a feeling unexplainable. And interestingly, the people working around the wizarding world are English. Made it feel a lot more authentic than hiring Americans right? I liked that part.

Like at Disney Epcot...it was an Around The World kind of place and in Germany, the people working there were actual Germans, if not, their accent was unbelievable!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I think this is based on the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, although I'm not sure if his is the first one or the second one. And I do not remember if this is a ride or a souvenir shop.

Bubba Gump seems to be at all other Universal Studio, expect Singapore's. They need to set one up on our shores. I can have them all the time because I am prawn crazy, and that despite my allergy to it. But seriously, I'll just have to apply some 999 cream (my colleague gave it to me and it helps a lot with rashes and itch) and it's all good.

Spot the shorts, sleeveless tops, caps, hats, ice-cold slushie, sunglasses, sunglasses, I spotted a bunch in a bikini top...it was HOT!

Yep, that's me lacking of something...with Nadya and I do hope they'be got fans in their extremely large pants to keep them cool. Poor thing the guy has to wear that, at least the lady has a mid drift top.

I dislike lemon juice. I dislike slushie. But here it was the only thing I wanted. And they had strawberry so thank god for me! I would have still drank lemon slush though.

It was hot. Hotter than it felt in Singapore. So hot my husband has a tan line in the shape of his wrist watch that lasted for months!

My baby did face painting! But silly me, she perspired so much the make-up melted off her face! I did one too but mine didn't melt off because I wasn't like her who kept touching her face to wipe the sweat away. We were advised to go in shops to set the make up each time we perspired, we did that...but that didn't help Nadya at all. Lesson learnt: do not bother doing face painting when the temperate outside is in nearly in the 40s! But she loved it...and because she did not find any mirror to see her reflection she did not know her face painting was no more. So, phew!!



BUTTERBEER! My biggest regret. The line was long I couldn't be bothered to queue for one or two AND NOW I REGRET NOT HAVING IT. Not like I live in Florida or near it. IT TOOK US 30 OVER HOURS TO GET TO FLORIDA!!! I tried replicating it using recipes I could find online, but having not tried it, I have no idea if it's close or just utter rubbish. Should've tolerated the heat and the queue.

The castle! If only the castle wasn't just a fa├žade but made in a way that we can go in and do a tour. It would be a lot better than just seeing it as just...that. It's a ride, from what I recall, but rides and I...

Zul, Nadya and I took a picture with them but I think the person who took the picture doesn't know how to click a camera because we ended up without a picture with them. :(

We left Hogwarts and walked around the rest of the places. Lots of waterspray, water fountains, water everything here. I didn't want to get drenched but Nadya couldn't care if her dress was soaked so she happily walked under water shooting out random pipes just to cool down.

The Hulk's ride. I THINNNNNNNNNNK.

There are actually a few more photos to upload, but they're currently on the laptop (I'm on the PC), yet to be resized and edited (mainly just brighten), so I'll upload what I've got for now. Tilllllllll then, it's gonna be Miami baby! Sadly that place has the least number of pictures. Hopefully I'll get it done before my next holiday in September.

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