Just how did we do it?

We've made it back in one piece!  Miami - Houston - Moscow - Singapore.

We travelled for 1 and half days! We left on a Sunday and arrived Singapore on Tuesday. I don't know how we did it. Of course there were breaks in between, but they weren't long breaks and it's not like the airport chairs are that comfortable, honestly I'd rather be on a plane for 31 hours non-stop than have to make three stops.

They weren't convenient.

We had to claim our baggage from Miami - Houston because we needed to get on a different airline. Then we had to bring EVERY SINGLE THING out of the aircraft when we arrived Moscow. Anything left behind in the aircraft will be disposed. Speaking from experience when I made a mistake of leaving my pillow (those neck pillows) behind the last time I was on a Houston - Moscow - Singapore on my own with Nadya, and it was gone.

Well the worst is over. The child and her father are fast asleep. It'd be 3am in Florida and I can feel my eyelids starting to get too heavy to resist. I think I might succumb to this sleepiness. This would be my first time jet-lagged. I crossed two time zones! I suppose it's only normal that it's harder to fight this.

...ah well anyway Instagram (@dimpledchicks) is still as addictive as ever. That's it, the white flag's up!

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